Alexis Ebers is an emerging actor and singer in New York City.  Growing up north of NYC with two musical parents, a career in performance was nothing short of inevitable.  She dabbled in a multitude of musical pursuits, including arranging vocal medleys, singing regularly at synagogue, and earning a place as a cellist in multiple youth orchestras.  Through her high school theatre program, she finally discovered her passion for musical theatre and acting.

An alumnus of Indiana University, the Maggie Flanigan Meisner Studio, and the British American Drama Academy, she is thrilled to be her living her dream, performing throughout NYC in Off-Broadway premieres and cabarets.

When not in professional productions, she enjoys indulging her inner history nerd with travel, creating elaborate Halloween costumes, spending time with her bassist brother, pianist father, and guitarist mother, and performing Bar Mitzvahs as a part-time Cantor.